Woman Snaps Back In Epic Pun Fashion At Guy Who Questioned Her Baseball IQ

"It was nice to have Met(s) you ..."

Here's a lesson, guys. Don't quiz Megan Brown about baseball.


When Brown met what seemed like a nice guy on Tinder, it turned out he was actually not all that intelligent.

They exchanged numbers and began texting back and forth a bit. Soon enough, they began talking about baseball, when Brown told him that she loves the sport.

Even though her Twitter handle is @ThatGirlOnDeck, he simply did not believe that any woman loves baseball. 


Not only does this dude make every guy look bad with his next move, but he also looks extremely ignorant and got epically owned.

He wrote back to her, "You say you like baseball. I've never met a girl who likes baseball." He then asks her to name every team in the National League East, a division of the MLB.

This is when it got really ugly for this guy. Like, on a scale of 1-10 of total ownage, this was a 100.

Instead of just listing the names of the MLB teams in the division, she goes off on an epic pun, cleverly utilizing every team.

She added in a tweet, "It's so insulting when dudes try to quiz me about sports soooo I had a little pun fun."

You win, Megan. If you're ever at Citi Field, s'mores-covered bacon on us!


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