Woman Pregnant With Twins Surprises Her Sister During The Ultrasound And Her Response Is Epic

'Oh my God!'

A pregnant woman named Jill found out she was having twins during an ultrasound appointment and decided to surprise her sister with the news just moments later. 

With her husband Shawn filming, the woman's sister thinks she's only going to find out the sex of what she thinks is one baby. But as she looks closer, the proud aunt realizes there's another head in there, aka another baby.

"I was thinking those were two heads!" she yells. "Oh my GOD!"

She then asks to have the other baby, jokingly, of course. 

"Congratulations!! Holy cow!" she yells. "Fertile Myrtle!"


Best. Reaction. Ever.

But that's only the beginning of this family's surprises. Everyone holds tight while waiting to find out the sex of Baby A and Baby B. And the result? Two boys!

"We're gonna need a bigger house," says dad.

Congrats to the happy couple — and aunt!


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