After This Woman Lets Her Boyfriend Shave Her Head, She Has An Empowering Realization

"I just don't care, because I feel like I look hot."

For those who've never done it before, the thought of shaving your head can be a scary thing.

But in a recent BuzzFeed video, one woman named Fatima lets go of her long brunette locks and allows her boyfriend, Kyle, to shave her entire head of hair. 

"I've dyed it a lot, and straightened it a lot, and it doesn't look like what I was born with," Fatima explains on camera. "And I finally have a partner who's so supportive and wants me to do it, and thinks I will look good with no hair. So, hell yeah!"

A few seconds later and we're off — Kyle shaves Fatima's head, section by section, until it's completely gone. 


And though she appears a little nervous and skeptical while it's happening ...

... the end result proves that it was all worth it.

Fatima explains that she feels completely liberated by the experience, adding: "I was scared that my partner would find me less attractive, but now I just don't care, because I feel like I look hot."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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