This Woman Learned How To Speak English By Watching ‘Ellen,’ And One Word Stood Out To Her

"It stuck with me to be who I am."

For one woman, hearing Ellen DeGeneres tell people to be "kind" inspired her to be herself — and to learn a new language. 

"Our next guest is sitting in the audience and it could be you," DeGeneres says in a clip of The Ellen Show, asking her audience members to stand. "Stay standing if you've written me over 30 letters. Stay standing if you're originally from the Dominican Republic. Stay standing if you've learned English by watching my show."


With that, DeGeneres welcomed Diana Aquino, who knew only how to say "hello" and "goodbye" in English when she immigrated to the U.S. in May 2011. Aquino explained that she was flipping through channels when she discovered The Ellen Show. And although she couldn't understand it, she found it entertaining.

"And then, at the end of the show, there was just this word that you say: you say, 'be kind,and then that word stuck with me."

Aquino then looked up "kind" in the dictionary and found its meaning. 

"That stuck with me forever because I'm loud, I'm affectionate, and I like to be kind to everyone. So it stuck with me to be who I am." 

Later, Aquino explained that she's putting herself through college, tutors in math, and works as a cashier in a retail store. DeGeneres then surprises her with a check from Shutterfly for $10,000 to use towards her education. 

We wish Aquino the best of luck! 

What it all happen in the video below:


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