This Woman Invented A Simple Way To Collect Clean Water With Pipes And Mosquito Nets


According to the video, "Favela Water Crisis: How To Collect Rainwater In A Drought" by AJ+, 12 million people in São Paulo are running out of water. 

In fact, as we speak, São Paulo is facing its worst drought since 1930.  The Independent reports, "Current reserves stand at just 10 percent — known as the 'dead volume' — and the government has warned that it could get worse in the coming months."

But one woman is teaching residents how to build a system that collects rainwater to help solve this overwhelming problem.


In the video above, inventor Terezinha Silva explains she first created the filter system for her own home, and then started teaching other residents how to build it. 

The few simple steps for building the filter are outlined in the video:

Once the filter is set up, the system will collect and filter water safe for cleaning, gardening and flushing the toilet.

And it will help solve the water crisis.

"When there are water outages, who suffers the most? Poor people, the poorest people," Silva explains in the video. "And who are these poor people? The people living in the favelas."

(H/T: Upworthy)

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