Woman In Labor Officiates Wedding For Couple In Need

"When given the choice, choose love, kindness and empathy towards your fellow man."

A woman named Sushma Dwivedi is spreading a message about love and compassion after she helped officiate a wedding for a couple — while she was in labor at the hospital.

In a Love What Matters story, she recounts how she was in the process of getting an epidural to welcome son Nayan Raj Jindal on May 16. The anesthesiologist was making conversation in an effort to distract her and revealed that a couple, Brianna and Casey Walko, was looking for the hospital chaplain to marry them after their original wedding plans fell through when the bride's water broke.

Dwivedi explained to A Plus via email that she sympathized with the couple. "The first thing I thought of was, 'Yikes that really sucks for them.' To be in the hospital delivering at an unexpected time was stressful enough. Who needs the added stress of having to try and get married on top of that?"

Despite being in labor, she didn't have any qualms about offering help. "I empathized with them. Parenthood is a great universal unifier, as I see it. So I didn't have hesitations so much as a desire to help out another family," she explained. "Plus I knew from the doctors that it would be a little while before I was in active labor."

Dwivedi offered her services as she had been ordained online thanks to the Purple Pundit Project.


"To me, it felt like a life-defining moment to help show my soon-to-be-born son that whenever he has the opportunity to choose love, kindness and empathy, to help someone else out, to do some good in the world — he should take it. So I was all in!"

Dwivedi says that her husband, Vivek, was also supportive of the idea. He even took photographs of the ceremony.

Courtesy of Vivek Jindal

Despite it being after midnight and having two women in labor, the hospital staff at Cornell quickly organized a ceremony complete with flowers, a reading and a processional. 

Courtesy of Vivek Jindal

Dwivedi was able to officiate the wedding before either one gave birth.

It might have been a last-minute change of plans and Dwivedi couldn't stand because of the epidural, but she says that there was so much happiness. She explained, "I recognize that this was a very untraditional wedding. But the room was so full of love! The hospital staff made Brianna (the bride) a bouquet, styled her hair, a nurse even wrote a poem that became a reading ..." 

... "There was a beautiful energy to it all. Perfect for a wedding — and also awesome right before bringing life into the world."

Dwivedi gave birth to Nayan four hours later while Brianna gave birth to a girl later that day. Dwivedi told People that they've kept in touch following the ceremony and the arrivals of the new babies and they are sure they'll stay in contact.

Courtesy of Vivek Jindal

"I'm hoping people will take away the same lesson I tried to impart on my son: it doesn't take much to do something kind for someone else," Dwivedi wrote to A Plus. "When given the choice, choose love, kindness and empathy towards your fellow man."

She concludes, "The world will inevitably be a better place, as a result." 

(H/T: Popsugar)


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