Woman Who Has Been On 150 Tinder Dates Explains What Men Get Wrong

Learning so much.

If you've ever tried online dating, then you know there are certain dos and don'ts. But surprisingly, so many people get it all wrong — from their opening message, to the way they ask a person out, and the date place they choose, some people really are clueless. 

Fortunately, Mel Delancy is here to provide some insight on what makes for a successful online dating exchange. And if you're going to listen to anyone on the subject, it might as well be this woman, because she's gone on a whopping 150 Tinder dates. 

Now, that's dedication. 

In a video titled "What Men Get Wrong on Dates," posted to YouTube by Tech Insider, Delancy explains what she's learned from her history of extensive online dating. 


Open the conversation with a creative question — not "What's up?"

"After about, you know, three of four back-and-forths, you should probably schedule a date... If they go straight for the date, that's no good either."

Of course everyone has their own dating styles, and likes and dislikes, so Delancy's advice isn't the end all be all. It's just, you know, advice. So you do you, but if "you" isn't working online, watch this video for some extra tips. 

To learn more about "what men get wrong on dates," watch the video below.


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