Man Allegedly Attempting To Rape Woman Gets His Ass Kicked

He got what's coming.

Still from of video surveillance show what appears to be a Chinese woman fighting off a man trying to overpower her, and winning. 

The Ministry of Public Security first shared the images on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter, explaining that a man infiltrated a local business and allegedly attempted to assault the female owner inside. As video screenshots from the incident that happened on April 8 indicate below, she fought back.


We see him approach her.

Next, he appears to try to subdue her.

But she pins him on the ground.

News site People's Daily reports that the man has since been arrested for attempted rape.

Women fighting back have been featured in the news recently, including an Indian woman who dragged her attacker by the hair to the police

Like in India, and everywhere for that matter, Chinese women are tired of the violence against them and have made progress in making their voices heard.

Mic reported that five Chinese feminists recently walked the streets wearing bloody wedding gowns to protest sexual violence against women there, an act of defiance The New York Times reports was unheard of for the country. But that progress was cut short after the Chinese government detained them for "picking quarrels and provoking troubles." 

It's important that women are able to defend themselves, but that in itself isn't enough to stop rape. Women will keep having to defend themselves until society attacks the problem at the root by teaching men not to rape — and protects the women who speak out.


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