Watching This Woman Transform Into A Husky Will Confuse Your Mind So Much

A whole new level of devotion.

When you love your dog, sometimes you just have to take that extra step to show it.


When you've bought all the treats in the world and are fresh out of belly rubs, what better way to show your love than by making up your face up as an exact replica of your furry best friend.

This is Ilana and her best friend is this lovable husky.

In order to make the transformation, she first applied a basic outline.

From there, she began filling out her face and creating the eyes on top of hers.

Once you see the final transformation, it will throw you for a trip.

Ilana begins disappearing as she turns into a full-fledged husky. 

We don't recommend walking around the streets like this, because people might get very confused. Then again, if you're bored on a Saturday, why not?

Here's how it's done.


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