Baffling Video Shows Woman 'Disappearing' During Live TV Interview

Houdini would be proud.

Those who remember the turn-of-the-century-classic Gone in 60 Seconds will agree — Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie were pretty smooth in hijacking those billion-dollar vehicles right from under their owners' noses.

And yet, they have nothing on this mysterious lady.

While filming an interview for Sports Center on Norwegian TV, a camera captured something peculiar happening in the background. An act worthy of Harry Houdini himself.


Right behind the interviewee, you can notice two women waiting to pick up their luggage.

They exchange a few words and as the woman with the trolley keeps on rolling away, the other one ... vanishes!

Uhhmm ... Yeah, maybe watch it again:

Weird, right? But don't let bothersome thoughts get into your head just yet. As many online commenters pointed out, the puzzling event can be simply blamed on perspective. 

As the woman carrying her luggage starts moving towards the camera, the other lady sort of eclipses behind her and possibly moves at the same speed, making it seem as if she's disappeared. Do you have another version? If so, share it with us!


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