The Way This Woman Counts Her Cash Is Both Mesmerizing And Bizarre

We can't look away.

Counting cash (money) should be a sport. Seriously, some people are just better at it than others and nothing makes you feel more #likeaboss than having all those bills in your hand. You can count money the slow way, one by one, or the fast way, spitting out bills like an ATM

Or you can train to count cash like the woman below. Not only can she count her cash with all five fingers in a way that'll put you in some magical trance, but she'll do it fast as h*ll, too.

Don't believe us? Check the video out.

Then start upping your own cash-counting game.


First, the counting starts out slow, but still cool.

But then, things get crazy.

Like, really crazy. Check out the five-finger cash counting in full below:


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