She Caught This Boy Sneaking In To Play With Her Dog After His Pup Died. Then She Invited Him Back.

Someone's chopping onions again.

When Hollie Breaux Mallet of Louisiana looked at her garage security camera, she noticed that a little boy whom she didn't know had been coming into her garage every so often and cuddling and playing with her dog Duchess.

But rather than get upset, she found herself touched by the boy's love for the dog.


So she reached out on Facebook to try to find out who he was.

Neighbors were able to identify the lad and put his mom, Ginger Breaux, in touch with Mallet on Facebook.

Mallet invited Josh to come over and play with Duchess.

As it turned out, Josh was just missing his old pal Bella, who recently passed away.

And now Duchess has a new friend to play with.

This is just so kind. 

Did you ever lose an animal buddy? Post your pictures in the comments.


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