'The Breakfast Machine' Epically Fails To Feed Her Breakfast, And It's Hilarious

Brilliant and hilarious, hilarious and brilliant.


Straight from your soon-to-be new favorite subreddit r/shittyrobots comes an amazing video posted by Simone Giertz with the caption "I tried programming a robot arm to feed me breakfast. Things get pretty messy..." 

Pretty messy, indeed. 

The Breakfast Machine's arm swings around, spilling her cereal and milk on the table and floor, all while Giertz sits nonchalantly reading her book. To be fair, the arm does actually land some of the breakfast ingredients into the bowl and gets the spoon to Giertz's mouth, so mission accomplished.

Disruptive technology

"Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It's also my least ambitious one and tends to disappear between the time I spend lingering in bed until I'm about to pee myself and getting stuck on what color socks to wear for the day," writes Giertz in a blog post explaining how you too can make your very own Breakfast Machine. "Skipping breakfast is bad and I needed a change. Getting up earlier in the morning and finally becoming the grown-up my ID tells me I am? Not going to happen. I'm self-aware enough to know I only make good decisions out of total desperation, and I wasn't there yet."

Whence cometh the Breakfast Machine — a truly disruptive solution to coping with the trials and tribulations of having to be a responsible, breakfast-eating adult, whatever that means. 


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