Woman With Breast Cancer Shuts Down Distasteful Hashtag With Awesome Photo

Breast cancer is no joke.

Attempting to bring awareness, and subsequent funds, to any disease is a noble cause, but not every course of action to do so is. 

A hashtag trend on the Internet called #holdacokewithyourboobs began to take off a week ago, apparently started by the Instagram account holdacokewithyourboobs. The task is simple: hold a Coke with your breasts and snap a picture. The goal is to raise awareness for breast cancer and the account even has a link to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation page to donate. 

Women began to hashtag themselves holding a Coke with their boobs and as of Thursday, the @holdacokewithyourboobs account had reposted 188 photos and gained more than 1,200 followers. 

However, not everyone thought the trend was awesome, including Aimee Fletcher. According to BuzzFeed News, she was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months ago. Though the hashtag campaign was started as a joke per its founder Danny Frost, Fletcher didn't find anything funny about it.


'Breast cancer is not fun and sexy,' she told BuzzFeed News.

'The treatment is gruelling… It’s not glamorous and why people decide to take photos of the part of the body that breast cancer destroys is beyond me.'

To set the record straight, 32-year-old Fletcher participated in the challenge her own way.

With this photo:

Other women who have or survived breast cancer applauded her for the photo, too.

Though well-intentioned, those against the #holdacokewithyourboobs campaign says the photos miss the mark.

"It's easy to put make up on the next day and get your 'normal' life back," one Twitter user wrote. 

For those with cancer, seeing a woman use her breasts — a part of the body they may no longer have — to hold a Coke is no joke. 

It's real life. 

(H/T: HuffPost)


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