Classmate Finds The Most 'Extra' Way To Ask Out A Guy Who Wanted Gum The Whole Semester

"If this ain't the smoothest thing I've ever seen ..."

A few months ago, Jake Moreno, 22, asked one of his professors for help on asking a girl out. His philosophy of religion professor, Shannon Atkinson, helped him use ethos, pathos, and logos persuasion techniques to craft the perfect text. Moreno tweeted about his professor's efforts to help him, and much to the delight of those on the Internet following the story, the text worked and Moreno got the date. 

But Moreno isn't the only one at his school who's got creative moves. Last week, the Salt Lake Community College student shared that he was asked out by a woman in his math class who was, unbeknownst to him, playing the long game. 


"I've asked this girl in my math class for a piece of gum every day for the whole semester," Moreno wrote on Twitter. "Today was our last day and I asked her for gum and she gave me the whole pack as a parting gift ... if this ain't the smoothest thing I've ever seen."

When he opened the package of gum, he saw that her phone number was written out onto the wrapped of different pieces. She wrote small numbers on the bottom of each piece to denote the correct order of her digits so he would get it right. 

The pack of gum came from the company Extra, so she also wrote "Sorry, I'm" above the Extra logo. 

People seem to very much appreciate the woman's cleverness as the tweet has been shared nearly 66,000 times and has over 263,000 likes. 

Moreno said he had no idea she was interested. "I was oblivious to the signs and didn't think she was into me. I guess if someone willingly gives you like 1,000 pieces of gum that means they're at least kind of into you," he wrote on Twitter. Moreno also told Metro that he and the woman, who's name is Alissa, are actually pretty good friends, but he had been intimidated by her so he didn't take things further himself prior to the pack of gum. 

"We're going to spend some time together this weekend, so we'll see how it goes," he told Metro.

Naturally, some people thought the tweet might be an ad for the gum, but Moreno swears it isn't. "I wish @ExtraGum would at least reimburse this girl for the gum I took from her, but they won't even reply lol," he wrote on Twitter. Some also accused Moreno of making up the story which could be the case as we haven't heard from Alissa herself yet. At the very least, Moreno has given people some inspiration to shoot their shot. 

Plus, there's this guy, who replied to his tweet and revealed his own gum giving skills got him on the road to marriage. 

We'd say it never hurts to have a pack of gum on you, but we wouldn't want to sound like an ad either. 


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