Woman's Spooky Pregnancy Announcement Is Too Freaking Cute

The cutest costume ever.

Oh baby, now that's a clever Halloween costume!

After struggling to get pregnant for nearly a year, YouTube user Leslie A found out just before Halloween that she was finally expecting a baby.

To tell her husband, she decided to utilize her Halloween costume. Leslie took a shirt showing a human rib cage and ironed on a picture of a smiling baby skeleton.

Sporting her costume, she waited in her Philadelphia home until her husband returned from work. 

Distracted by their dogs and a minor sneezing attack, he doesn't catch on at first. 

Leslie then draws his attention to her outfit. "I think I've decided what I'm going to do for the Halloween costume party," she says. "I'm going to wear a skeleton."

After a pregnant pause, the news finally dawns on the husband. He points at the picture of the baby skeleton and asks, "You're pregnant?"

"I am! Yeah, I'm pregnant!" Leslie confirms by showing her husband a positive pregnancy test.

Overwhelmed by the news, the husband engulfs Leslie in a big, tender hug. 

And so ends the cutest Halloween baby announcement ever.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


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