Watch This 106-Year-Old Woman Dance With Joy At Meeting The Obamas

Virginia McLaurin is our hero.

It may be President Obama's last year in the White House, but his significance as America's first Black Commander-in-Chief is not something that diminishes over time. And one centenarian's uninhibited excitement at meeting the president is a testament to that. Posted by the White House on Facebook, a video of 106-year-old woman Virginia McLaurin's happy dance with the Obamas is taking social media by storm. 

McLaurin met President Obama and the First Lady as part of the White House's celebration of Black History Month. She busted out some sweet moves that got Obama asking: "What's the secret to still dancing at 106?" 

McLaurin told the Obamas that she thought she'd never live to visit the White House. "And I tell you," she continued, "I am so happy to be here. A Black president. A Black wife." 

It was pure, unadulterated joy at meeting America's first couple. Check out the video here:



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