Wolf Blitzer Hilariously Moderating Thanksgiving Dinner Is The Tension-Reliever We All Need

"Pearl, you're out of time ..."

On one hand, you may feel ready and empowered to talk politics during your Thanksgiving dinner. Or you may be dreading the inevitable butting of heads with some of your nearest-and-dearest relatives.

No matter your perspective, Ellen DeGeneres has an idea to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to make their points and be heard during the potentially tense exchanges.

In a funny new skit from her show, Ellen introduces the Mobile Moderator app, which invites journalists such as Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly into your home to keep the conversation focused.

In the "demo" of the app, one family welcomes CNN's Wolf Blitzer to the table.

And he's not just handy for those relatives who might start chanting "build a wall" or "this isn't a reality show" — he can also reel in those among out kin who might share a few too details about their personal lives or dominate the conversation with snoozy topics.


Check out the laugh-inducing video below to see if he keeps the group under control:


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