This WNBA Player Just Had The Best Game Of Her Life ... But Sexist Trolls Are Still Hating

It's time to start respecting our female athletes.

WNBA player Elena Delle Donne gave one of the best performances of her career last week, when she scored a historic 45 points against the Atlanta Dream. Obviously, that's an achievement worth celebrating, so SportsCenter tweeted out an announcement of her new personal record. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, if you're a misogynistic troll lurking in the bowels of social media, waiting for a woman to do anything notable so you can crap all over her in a blatantly sexist manner, you probably found plenty to be upset about. As soon as SportsCenter posted the tweet, the hate started pouring in. But Delle Donne couldn't be bothered to get upset. Instead, the WNBA player read the mean tweets out loud — complete with her own biting commentary. Hey, don't dish it if you can't take it.

Unfortunately, hateful comments toward female athletes is nothing new. Even as the U.S. women's soccer team wins World Cup match after World Cup match, plenty of male couch potatoes feel perfectly comfortable tearing them down. The Norwegian women's soccer team had a similar problem, so they also made a hilarious response video a few weeks ago. But how many videos, and how much energy, do these players have to put out before we give them the credit they deserve? 

Here are Delle Donne's best reactions to the gross messages SportsCenter received. Remember, these are in response to her playing really well.


The original tweet:

And the brilliant way Delle Donne fought back:

"We'll give you a little pizzaz. No pizzaz? It's the dunking thing, I swear."

This face sums up all our reactions.

This one didn't even merit a response.

"You're not capable of tweeting."

"People are absurd. My God, welcome to 2015! How does he even have a computer?"

Delle Donne was flabbergasted by that one.

"Let's play one-on-one and we'll see." We'd all like to see how that game goes down.

"Maybe you should unfollow it if it bugs you so much." No, that's far too sensible. Better to complain to the entire world instead.

"In the kitchen, we're on the court. Get over it."

Eye roll.

"Wow, these people are great."

Delle Donne possesses all the sass.

Bye Felicia.

Watch the entire video here:


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