This Couple Got Engaged On Halloween, But It's The Ring That Grabbed All The Attention

"Diamonds are not my best friend, my fiancé is!"

When Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," she obviously didn't consider girls like Carlee Alisan Leifkes.

Leifkes and her boyfriend slash best friend Lucas Unger got engaged on Halloween after meeting at a musical festival in Canada earlier this year. 

The couple, who shares a mutual fascination with unconventional things and oddities, have discussed engagement rings prior to Unger popping the question. One thing they agreed upon is to steer away from commercialized and, in their words, overrated diamond industry.


"It's unfair to advertise things like if you don't buy your woman the largest, most expensive diamond, your relationship means little to you," Leifkes told A Plus.

After discussing birthstones, Leifkes and Unger came up with something even more unusual than that ...

... a ring made of Unger's wisdom tooth.

"This ring is a piece of Lucas and holds way more meaning than a diamond. It literally came from the man who I am so over the moon about," Leifkes says.

Not only that — she also gives meaning to the fact that wisdom tooth extraction is definitely not a walk in the park, just like relationships.

"In every relationship, there are bumps. We look forward to overcoming those obstacles together. Diamonds aren't my best friend, my fiancé is!" Leifkes told A Plus.

Isn't that just adorable?!

The couple is planning to get married in Las Vegas later this month and Leifkes, who's currently nursing a broken leg, has all the time she needs to plan an unforgettable shebang.

"I'm rocking a camo-print cast due to a broken leg I acquired crowdsurfing at a music festival. So a lot of my time right now is spent with my leg elevated on the couch, planning a wedding in Vegas where I'll marry my best friend!" she said.


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