Milwaukee Is Creating A City For Veterans At Risk Of Homelessness

“A veteran is one step away from being homeless when we are discharged."

The city of Milwaukee is planning to create a village for veterans at risk of homelessness.

Milwaukee's Mayor Tom Barret was inspired by Racine, Wisconsin's 15-home village for veterans that was opened in 2017. Now, Mayor Barret says he plans to facilitate the opening of a seven-acre, 48-home village. 


"A veteran is one step away from being homeless when we are discharged," Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, an Air Force veteran, told The Journal Times. "When I visited the Racine property, I was blown away by how the village looked … You can feel the love in each unit."

A campground in Racine, Wisconsin. Shutterstock / Alert Five Productions

The program is being pushed by the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, which is ensuring the village can meet the needs of the veterans. At the center of the 48 tiny-homes will be a facility with security staff and services like Alcholics Anonymous meetings. They also plan to offer courses on budgeting money, The Journal Times said. The city will be buying the property to build the tiny houses and staff out the services for the veterans. 

"We don't want them (the veterans) to be isolated, and we don't want them to isolate themselves," Barrett said. "This is a win for our community... Racine has been a real leader here. Hats off to our neighbors to the south."


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