This Woman With Vitiligo Celebrates The Differences That Have Nothing To Do With Her Skin

"I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others."

Oftentimes, people try to hide their differences, but Chantelle Brown-Young, aka Winnie Harlow, is a model who celebrates them. At first glance, you might assume Harlow is specifically referring to her physical differences as she has vitiligo, a condition that causes patches of her skin to lose its natural color.  While the condition gives her a striking look certainly worth flaunting, Harlow instead focuses on her other differences that have nothing to do with vitiligo. 

"The real difference isn't my skin," Harlow captioned a recent Instagram post alongside a photo of her standing almost entirely nude. "It's the fact that I don't find my beauty in the opinions of others. I'm beautiful because I know it. Celebrate your unique beauty today ([and] every day)!" 


In a 2014 TedTalk, Harlow spoke about how important it is for us to be our own people, despite society's pressures to put us into molds. 

"It takes one person to realize that there is beauty in everything, and you don't have to be on one side of the spectrum or the other," she said. "Whoever's mold that you're trying to fit into, be your own person."

Harlow's most recent Instagram post reminds us how important it is to love ourselves, rather than look for value in others. Such statements have been echoed by other body-positive role models, such as Barbie Ferreira and Iskra Lawrence.

Since sharing her post on Instagram, Harlow has received nearly 500 thousand likes and tons of positive comments. 

"I love this! You rock girl! [Don't] let [anybody ever] get your spirit down. You look awesome!" one person writes.

"I have vitiligo too! Mostly just under my armpits though. Slay queen, you're beautiful!" another adds.


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