Watch This Guy Fly Through A 6-Foot-Wide Hole In A Mountain Wearing Nothing But A Wingsuit


Though humans have a lot of amazing evolutionary adaptations, the capacity for flight is not one of them. However, that has never stopped extreme athletes from finding ways to try. 

Wingsuits are used by some BASE jumpers to help slow the descent to Earth, similar to a flying squirrel. If you jump from high enough, you can actually soar pretty far on these things. Some masochistic individuals don't get enough of a rush from turning themselves into human kites and need to up the ante a bit. 

Proximity flying allows a person to see how close they can get to something while wearing a wingsuit, like a bridge, tree, or the ground, and live to tell the tale. This is an extraordinarily dangerous hobby, but some are still willing to take on that risk.

BASE jumper Uli Emanuele from Italy recently uploaded some GoPro footage showing his latest adventure: an attempt to thread the needle and fly through a rock crevice after jumping off of a mountain near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. 

The opening itself was little more than 6 feet wide, making it one of the most extreme proximity flights ever attempted. Emanuele had been planning the jump for 3 years, and it finally came time for him to try.


Thankfully, Emanuele realized that the angle wasn't ideal for making this difficult maneuver and safely averted the rock formation. 

But he wasn't about to give up.

Undeterred, Emanuele decided to try the attempt again the next day, starting from a different part of the mountain. He soared over the Swiss landscape, until it was finally time to come face-to-face with the extremely narrow opening between the rocks.

His head looks like it is dangerously to slamming into the rocks, but does it?

Try to keep your eyes open the entire time while Emanuele attempts one the most insane wingsuit BASE jumps ever.

Though Emanuele's flight was a success, we can't put enough emphasis on how dangerous this sport actually is, even for professionals. In May, renowned BASE jumper Dean Potter died while attempting a stunt very similar to the one performed by Emanuele. 

Seriously, don't try this at home. Don't try this at some place that's not your home, either. Don't try this ever, basically.

[H/T: Popular Mechanics]

[Header image: screen shot via YouTube]


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