This Guy Built A Boyfriend Out Of Wine Boxes — And Then Got Him To Propose

After all, there's no sweeter fiancé than rosé.

If you can't beat 'em, build 'em. That seems to be the dating motto of Portland-based writer and artist Michael James Schneider who created a boyfriend out of wine boxes. Yup, wine boxes. 

"I originally had the idea of a box wine boyfriend shortly after a bad breakup a couple years back," he told A Plus via email. "I had a surplus of the materials from having 'self-medicated' with wine after the breakup, and when I realized I was short on the number of boxes to actually make him, some friends donated more!" 

The couple met shortly after Christmas last year and officially announced their relationship in late February when they became exclusive. So it was only a matter of time before the next logical thing happened — the wine box boyfriend proposed


Schneider's wine box boyfriend "took" him to a beautiful garden and popped the question of a wine-time. 

The wedding proposal completely "surprised" Schneider, who couldn't believe his wine box boyfriend had secretly invited his close friends to witness the special moment. "He tried to get my friends out there the weekend before but everyone was out of town," Schneider explained. 

Of course, he said, "YES!!!" 

On August 14, Schneider posted a series of engagement photos, taken by his photographer friend Cole Keister (@coleito), to Twitter and Instagram. They've since received more than 16,000 likes and dozens of comments congratulating the happy couple.

 "Our love is just like anyone else's love. We cook dinner together, we have pizza and sweatpants nights while watching Netflix, we have similar political views," Schneider said. "What's really annoying is when strangers come up to us in public and ask 'Which one's the 'man' and which one's the 'person-shaped entity made of boxes of wine mysteriously brought to life'?' and I'm like, 'THOSE AREN'T THE ONLY TWO GENDERS, LINDA.'" 

The couple plans to continue to celebrate their love and debunk all wine-box-boyfriend-related stereotypes at their wedding. They've already begun the planning process and are currently searching for a local venue for the event. "I'm putting the word out that we'd love to have a venue donated and have the wedding be a fundraiser for the ACLU," he said. "But first things first, Franz has to meet my in-laws and I have to meet his. He's so unique and special, I can't even imagine what kind of special being raised him." 

 Just goes to show, there's no better fiancé than rosé.


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