This See-Through Plane Comes Straight From Our Nightmares

What if you could enjoy the journey, not just the destination?

What if you could enjoy the journey, not just the destination?

This rhetoric question posed by The Center for Process Innovation (CPI) is related to one of their latest technology advancements in aviation transportation. A windowless airplane.

Instead of the claustrophobic cabins with small windows on every side, CPI has a plan to install organic LED touch-screens that would display the outside view, turning the interior into one huge panoramic picture of the sky.


OLED screens would stream views from the outside and create the illusion of a transparent cabin.

CPI claims their concept is not only entertaining (except to the 6.5 % of the population suffering from aviophobia), but also cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

"Over 80% of the fully laden weight of a commercial airliner is the aircraft itself and its fuel. For every 1% reduction in weight, the approximate fuel saving is 0.75%. And less fuel means less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and lower operational cost," CPI writes.

Passengers could choose what they want to see on their displays: watch movies, browse the Internet, access their flight details, or observe the panoramic views of the sky.

CPI argues that removing all passenger windows will allow them to make thinner, lighter and stronger walls of the aircraft.

Despite the innovative approach, the technology already has a lot of critics. While some are concerned about the possibility of light pollution in the cabin, others debate over the vertigo-inducing experience and negative effect on the anxious flyers.

Take a look at what might be our reality in 10 years:

(H/T: Mic)

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