Dog Sitter Sends Owners Hilarious Video Updates Of Their Pup

That's one patient dog.

Once you get a pet, few things inevitably happen. One, you become more mindful of leaving things around the house because you know that everything is a toy if it's within reach — your shoes, your car keys, flower pots, everything! 

Two, you develop a new way of speaking that sounds much like baby talk. And three, you gain a friend for life.

The latter is probably what makes it so hard to part with our four-legged companions. But with a pinch of creativity, everything can be resolved and this story shared by Reddit user aceace1 proves it.


"My wife and I hired a dog sitter to watch our dog, Wilson, while we went on a 10-day vacation. These are the daily video updates we are getting," aceace1 wrote in his post.

The post really struck a chord with Reddit's pet owner community and had people praising the amazing approach of this dog sitter. 

One user even suggested that the profit made off this video should go towards the dog sitter's tip. Fun part — the owners said yes!

Check out the Instagram videos below to see more of Wilson's hilarious alter egos:

Wilson the traveler.

Wilson the schoolgirl.

Wilson the skier.

Wilson the nurse.

Wilson the biker.

Osama bin Wilson.

Viva Wilson!


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