Boy Gets Surprised By His Favorite Cubs Player, But It’s Tough To Tell Who’s The Bigger Fan

"Means a lot to me."

Daniel Rodriguez is a big baseball fan and calls Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras his "best friend." The 11-year-old, who has Down syndrome, first met the athlete a few years ago at Advocate Children's Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois, where the boy is a patient. 


Since then, Daniel has been able to bond with Contreras on two other occasions. The catcher helped Daniel celebrate his 10th birthday and paid him a visit during spring training.

"From the first moment that [Daniel] saw him, that they interacted … They were just communicating in their own little way," Nyvia Crespo, the boy's mother, said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times"Willson just made him feel so much better that day. It's like his medicine."

Recently, the best buds reunited for the fourth time.

Contreras surprised Daniel and 60 of his classmates at The Enger School of Franklin Park, a school that serves kids with functional needs.

Heartwarming videos and photos from the day show the look of joy on Daniel's face when he sees Contreras. They embrace in a big hug and the Chicago Cubs player shows off his T-shirt, which has the 11-year-old's face on it.

Courtesy of Advocate Children's Hospital

After a presentation, Daniel and his classmates spent the morning playing games and activities with Contreras. The best friends spent much of the time linked hand in hand.

Courtesy of Advocate Children's Hospital
Courtesy of Advocate Children's Hospital

Contreras, who will be recognized as Advocate Children's Hospital's MVP of the Year, later wrote about how special the day was on Instagram.

"It was great to see my best friend Daniel and all the kids of Enger School. I had a blast with you all. Means a lot to me."

"Just to see all these kids smiling made my day. They’re PRICELESS."

Courtesy of Advocate Children's Hospital

Contreras explained to the Chicago Tribune the impact his friendship with Daniel has had on his life. "Meeting my friend, two years ago we became best friends," he said. "Like he talks about me, I talk about him to my friends. Every time I see him smile … that makes my day."


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