This 3-Year-Old Has Already Won Halloween, Again

She's an inspiration to us all.

If you've never heard of the Halloween sensation that is 3-year-old Willow, you're in for a treat. 

With the help of her photographer mother, Gina Lee, the toddler dresses up in perfectly executed costumes every October. Seriously, she always nails it. 

Sometimes, she even dresses up with her best bud Cooper to help complete her costume. Willow's looks are so awesome that she's teamed up with Netflix this year to play dress up inspired by some popular favorite Netflix shows. 

Willow's very proud mama shares beautiful photos of her magnificent costumes on her Instagram account.


Here are some of our favorite Willow (and Cooper) looks this year so far:

1. Ms. Frizzle

2. Wayne and Garth

3. Lifeguards from "Baywatch"

4. Little old lady from Pasadena

5. Red

6. Siegfried and Roy

7. Lenny and Squiggy

8. Inspector Gadget

For more costume inspiration, check out some of Willow's looks from last year:

9. Princess Kate and Prince William

10. Annie (and Daddy Warbucks)

11. Morton salt girl

12. Richard Simmons

13. Good Luck Troll

(H/T: Buzzfeed

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