Champion Bone Breaking Dancers Explain What The Movement Is All About


Khalil "Killa" Williams, 19, and Xavier "X" Days, 21, are champions at bone breaking, a street style of dance originating in Brooklyn, New York. (You'll understand why it's called "bone breaking" the second you see it.)

According to a video by The New Yorker featuring the Brooklyn duo, they are best friends, and part of Next Level Squad, a group of elite, bone breaking dancers.


"I can tell you I'm making a fish with my arms, and you see an octopus. I can't really explain to you what you see. It's all imagination... Cause what I'm doing, I'm telling you that it's art," says Williams.

Days explains there are six innate positions in bone breaking, including the scissor, the X, and the gun.

Moreover, Williams adds that the bone breaking culture developed as double jointed dancers began incorporating such mind-bending movements into their regular routines. 

"It's its own style now. I'm not double jointed, I learned to do this."

No matter what the move, these two dancers are absolutely mesmerizing.

Watch Williams and Days dancing through the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City:

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