Just In Time For His 90th Birthday, Mr. Feeny Answers All Our 'Boy Meets World' Questions

"But that was it, and that I will always remember."

For all those '90s kids out there (and all Boy Meets World fans) — this one's for you.

In a recent video for BuzzFeed, William Daniels, aka Mr. Feeny, answers some our most pressing questions about the show, including how he landed the role and whether or not he remains in contact with his fellow cast members.

But perhaps our favorite response comes when he's asked about his favorite piece of advice Mr. Feeny ever offered. He says: 

"I spoke to the class [and] I said to them, 'dream, try, do good.' Boy, I was close to tears, frankly. It had been seven seasons. But that was it, and that I will always remember, yes."

And years later, what a beautiful piece of advice that is. Check out more from Daniels below:



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