Concerned Second-Grader Sends Heartfelt Letter To Betsy DeVos About Her Public School

Eight-year-old Willa wanted the secretary of education to know exactly how she feels about her school.

A second-grader who loves her public school and fears for its fate summed up her concerns by sending a postcard to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos last week. CNN commentator Sally Kohn posted a photo of her 8-year-old daughter Willa's heartfelt message on Instagram

Kohn and Willa were at a party to celebrate a friend's art show when, seeing the station set up for attendees for write postcards to their representatives, Willa told her mom she wanted to write to "the woman in charge of education."


"I love my public school," Willa wrote. "Please leave are (sic) public schools alone. Do not tear it down ever. I love schools and I love everything about it."

Kohn told Huffington Post that she was proud of her daughter for wanting to speak up and believes Willa's actions were motivated by the NPR news reports they listen to in the morning. Kohn echoed Willa's thoughts and had nothing but praise for her daughter's school.

"It's amazing what creative, supportive places of learning our public schools are, even with limited support from policy makers," Kohn said. "Imagine if our public schools actually got what they need?"

Cover image via a katz / Shutterstock


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