This 13-Year-Old Boy Climbed 1074 Feet Of Rope... For Charity

He previously did 638 push-ups in an hour.

Will Surbaugh of Grand Marais, Minnesota is 13 years old, but he's got the focus, drive, and determination that you don't see very often in people of any age. It makes sense, then, that Will wants to eventually put his determination into serving his country as a U.S. Navy SEAL.

In the meantime, however, Will stays physically fit, putting his fitness to work for charity. In this video shot last December, Will climbs a 25 foot rope over 40 times to raise money for The Mission Continues, a Veterans' group founded by former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens that seeks to empower "veterans facing the challenge of adjusting to life at home to find new missions" in their communities.

"Veterans work so hard and give us so much," Will says on his fundraising page, "I just want to give them something small in return." Will ended up climbing a total of 1074 feet, which exceeded his goal of 1000 feet.


This is not the first time Will has given his physical best for the organization. In 2012, he performed 638 strict regulation push-ups in just one hour, helping to raise $16,000 for the group. 

Will's goal in this rope-climbing endeavor is to raise $11,000 for The Mission Continues. With determination and resolve like this, we're sure Will is going to accomplish any goal he sets his eyes on.

If you'd like to help, please share this or make a donation on Will's fundraising page.

For more about The Mission Continues, please visit their website. For more videos of Will Surbaugh, please check out his YouTube channel.


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