Cool Dad Will Smith Perfectly Parodies Son Jaden's Music Video On Instagram

To celebrate 100 million Spotify streams.

We're so glad Will Smith chose to join Instagram last year. If — for whatever reason — you've been holding out on giving him a follow, his latest post is highly likely to change your mind. Smith may be a famous movie star, but he still loves to embarrass his kids just as much as the average non-celebrity dad.


Case in point: his choice to parody son Jaden's "Icon" music video to celebrate the 19-year-old hitting a Spotify milestone — 100 million streams on his debut studio album, Syre. Smith uploaded the spot-on reenactment to Instagram Tuesday night, and it's already racking up millions of views.

Like Jaden, Smith appears in the clip walking in slow motion beside a car and taking a call on his cellphone in the back seat. He even wears a denim jacket and gold chains reminiscent of Jaden's outfit, but there are a few funny differences. For example, he replaces Jaden's sneakers with a pair of house slippers and his jeans with shorts, and he can't seem to keep his grill in his mouth.

"J-Diggy, I'm proud of you, baby," Smith says at the end of the clip. "100 million streams. Congratulations, man. Hundred million. Congrats, I love you."

All we need now is a parody of daughter Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair." Fingers crossed!

Compare Smith's version to the original "Icon" video below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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