This Social Experiment Tests Whether Or Not A Child Would Return A Dropped Wallet

Maybe people are good at their core after all.

In a social experiment to test a child's sense of morality, the Japanese Red Cross asked adults to drop a wallet to see if the child would return it.  

While some of the kids seemed a little nervous at first, all eventually came through to do the right thing. 


In an article about the social experiment, Upworthy cites research by the Yale University's Infant Cognition Center that shows 3-month-old babies can identify mean and nice behavior in puppets. And while this behavior may be learned early on, kids' continue to learn and be influenced by parents, teachers and peers throughout their lives. 

So remember, when you do the right thing, you help the next generation learn to do the right thing too! 

Check out the video below:

(H/T: Upworthy


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