Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Lifetime Movie Now Has A Ridiculous Full Trailer

Lifetime's self-mockery runs deep.

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are both accomplished improvisors and comedians, having both come up through Saturday Night Live and later launching successful movie careers. Lifetime is a network known mainly for its soap opera-y movies, and much more likely to be the subject of one or more of their jokes than the home for a movie driven by their star power. So the full trailer for Ferrell and Wiig's A Deadly Adoption — yep, another emotional Lifetime movie — proves that the network is a little cooler than anyone thought.

It's not difficult to guess the direction this film will take from the one-minute trailer. Ferrell and Wiig are a wealthy couple living in suburbia with their daughter, presumably having trouble conceiving another child. They enlist the services of a sexy surrogate mother, who seduces Ferrell's character and drives a rift in between his relationship with Wiig's character, which sets the stage for plenty of sex, drama, violence and whatever else is a staple of Lifetime movies.

The obvious differentiator here is that although Ferrell and Wiig are both incredibly capable dramatic actors, it's doubtful they signed on to boost their resumes in that respect. What they instead saw was an opportunity to turn in dedicated performances to a completely ridiculous movie, thereby creating both an honest piece of work and a stroke of comedy gold in their awareness of how absurd their very participation would be. It's sure to be quite the meta-performance, and difficult to label as "good" or "bad" to any traditional critics.

As for Lifetime? Well, it was probably just excited to have the two stars on any of its projects, let alone as the centerpieces. Doesn't matter if it's just a smartly crafted joke at its expense. It's good PR.


Check out the trailer for yourself below:

Cover image: Lifetime


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