Chinese PSA Drives Home Concerns About Air Pollution With Fascinatingly Quirky Premise

It's starting the conversation we should be having.

Many countries are guilty of air pollution, but China, with its booming industrialization, is one of the biggest offenders. Though it may not be the most exciting of issues to talk about, one organization has taken the "ineffably bizarre" route in its latest public service announcement to show Chinese viewers just how devastating air pollution is

Imagine a world where humans grew lots and lots of hair from their nostrils. We already grow some to filter out dust and other particles in the air we breathe everyday. But what if the air quality was so bad that the strands had to be ridiculously longer and thicker? That's basically the premise of WildAid's game-changing PSA about the negative effects of air pollution.

"Look at them," the video begins as it pans to a couple with silky long hair sprouting from their noses, "survivors of the pollution age. They've adapted to this environment, even grown to enjoy living in it. To them, this is just the way it is — the putrid, choking air and never-ending smog."


As absurd as the video may be, its message is clear: we, all of us, need to do something.

In China, air pollution is a concerning topic for many citizens — its surging economy comes at the cost of clean air. Research has shown that air pollution in the country causes about 1.6 million deaths each year, or some 4,400 people every day. The Chinese government has even declared "war" on air pollution several times.

So while humans may not be growing long, lustrous hair from their noses any time soon (thank goodness), the organization hopes that the video will make people consider the reality of never breathing fresh air again.


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