Dad's Photographs Of Son 'Flying' Prove That Kids With Down Syndrome Are Nothing Short Of Amazing

'Wil Flying!'

Blogger Alan Lawrence wants everyone to know that people with Down syndrome can do anything they set their minds to. He knows because his son, William, has Down syndrome and can fly. 

Well, sort of.

Lawrence noticed that Wil liked to spread his arms during "tummy time" on the floor, which made it appear that the 18-month-old was soaring. To make that a "reality," Lawrence, a photographer, took a photo of himself holding his son in the air, then later photoshopped himself out. Afterward, he uploaded the image to Instagram and people loved it.

"Our family and friends loved this idea and it soon became a weekly thing on my Instagram to see where Wil had been flying that week," he wrote on his Kickstarter page.


Wil has flown with cows.

In the woods.

And while doing mischievous things.

But there's much more to the "Wil is Flying" photos than fun. For Utah-based Lawrence, they morphed into a representation of the struggles Wil will have to face, and overcome, as he grows up. 

Ultimately, Lawrence decided that calendars featuring Wil flying would be a great medium to advocate for those with Down syndrome. And to show that like Wil, they can soar.

He began the Kickstarter to raise money for the project, and as of April 20, 2015, the family has raised a little over $6,000 of their $12,500 goal. Half the proceeds will go to two Down syndrome foundations: Ruby's Rainbows and Reece's Rainbows.

The other half of the proceeds will contribute to an RV trip across the U.S. to photograph Wil flying through difference states and places like "Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Golden Gate State Park, Redwoods, and more."

The family also began a YouTube channel called "Bringing Light" to show how beautiful it can be to raise a child with Down syndrome.

"We want to show the world that you can have a happy life with a child with Down Syndrome," Lawrence wrote.

Doesn't get much happier than this.


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