The Note A Woman Wrote Her Husband Before She Died Will Give You Incredible Chills

In a good way.

Losing a loved one is tough, but losing your best friend of over 60 years is arguably tougher.

Mississippi matriarch and beloved mimi Billie Breland knew her death wouldn't be easy for her husband James, so she decided to write him a note of encouragement before she was gone. 

Her grandson, Cliff Sims, posted the note to his Facebook page:


The note reads: "Please don't cry because I died! Smile beaceuse I lived! Know that I'm in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I'll see you there!"

"She was an avid note writer. Every photo on the walls of their home is meticulously documented," Sims wrote on

Billie sounds like an incredible woman and we'd be lucky if we met her in that happy place, someday, too.

(H/T: Cosmo)


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