Handyman Husband Gave His Wife What She Asked For: An Incredible Bathroom

Careful what you wish for.

Ask and ye shall receive. 

One Imgur user decided to show off his dad's handyman skills when a proposition from his mother turned into one of the coolest projects we've ever seen. 

"My Mom asked my Dad if he would put a bathroom and shower in their basement," he said in his post. "This is what she got -- a fully-functional outhouse with running water."

His dad is making the rest of us look bad, but at least we have something to aspire to. 


The outhouse in full.

The first door leads to the bathroom, the second to the shower.

It has an outhouse feel without actually being outside.

New-style toilet seat.

A hanging cord that you pull to flush.

Apparently, this guy is a collector.

"Welcome to my office."

It is a full bathroom, shower and all.

Tiles? In an outhouse?!

Fixed with a full roof and ventilation system.

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