His Late Wife Signed A Dollar Bill. But After He Accidentally Spent It, A Miracle Happened.

Basically a miracle.

When Peter Bilello lost his wife after 50 years of marriage, he yearned for the one special memento she left behind: a dollar bill. 

But not just any dollar, a dollar signed by his late wife, Grace, who passed from breast cancer last year. The two had each signed a dollar bill during their marriage and he kept hers in his wallet for safekeeping. Unfortunately, five years prior, Bilello had accidentally spent it.

Then, last week, a miracle happened.


Bilello got the dollar back while dining at a Subway restaurant with his granddaughter.

According to 6ABC News, when he got back his $3 in change, he noticed it. Right there on one of the bills was Grace's name and her last initial, "B." 

"I never thought I was going to get that dollar back again, never," Biello told 6ABC. "The first thing I said, Grace, she did this to make me happy and her to be happy, too."

We love happy endings.

Check out the ABC video below:


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