Thanks To Modern Science, She Was Able To Give Birth To Her Late Husband's Baby Two Years After His Passing

"I see my son in her."

On December 20, 2014, Pei "Sanny" Xia Chen's husband Detective First Grade Wenjian Liu and fellow NYPD officer Rafael Ramos were tragically killed while they sat in a patrol car. After the event, Chen knew she still wanted the chance to have a baby by Liu, and when doctors asked if she'd like to preserve her husband-of-three-month's semen, she said yes. 

Over two years later, Chen has given birth to a baby girl named Angelina on July 25, 2017, surrounded by Detective Liu’s parents, Wei Tang Liu and Xiu Yan Li.

The NYPD posted a congratulatory message on Facebook and recounted Chen's story about how she always was confident she was going to have a little girl.

In the NYPD Facebook post it says how Chen had a dream after her husband's passing where he handed her a baby girl.

When she eventually got pregnant through artificial insemination, Chen told a friend her baby was going to be a girl even before she had a sonogram scan.

And she ended up being right.

Chen initially kept her decision to try for a baby a secret from Liu's parents until she was pregnant because she did not want to worry them. When they found out she was expecting, they made sure to be there at the hospital when Chen welcomed baby Angelina.

Xiu Yan Li, Liu's mother, said via translation that the baby reassembles both parents. "She looks like my daughter-in-law, but this part, the eyes, and the forehead, looks like my son. The top of the face looks like my son. The bottom looks like her mother. The head looks exactly like my son. I see my son in her."

She told the NY Daily News, "Her name is Angelina, like an angel, like my son is an angel."

Chen's friend, and fellow widow of a police officer, Maria Dziergowski, visited Chen after the birth of Angel. She told the New York Post, "The baby's adorable, smiling, laughing." She added that the baby weighs 6 pounds, 13 ounces and is 19.5 inches long.

(H/T: People)


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