7 Women Explain Why They Really Wear Makeup

Spoiler: It’s not to impress an ex.

Like millions of people around the world, everyday I wake up, shower, and sit in front of a mirror applying my makeup. Whether it's some mascara and chapstick or the newest Kylie Lip Kit (guilty as charged), I am spending a significant amount of my day putting something on my face. 

For many people who don't wear makeup, there are usually two reasons why they think women choose to wear it. It's either, a) "they aren't comfortable with how they naturally look" or b) "they want to impress someone at the workplace". Well, we are here to tell you that unfortunately that is not the case at all. 

In order to help the non-makeup wearing people of the world get rid of those stereotypes, we've reached out to seven everyday women to get the inside scoop on why they truly and honestly wear makeup and tbh, their answers might surprise you.


1. Nida M, @i.nida.makeover

Courtesy of Nida M

"Many people believe that investing in makeup and beauty products is a shallow act. That it is a desperate attempt to cover up insecurities, or simply a means to portray a false version of ourselves. For me, I know this is all wrong. Makeup is not about hiding yourself, it's about enhancing yourself. Eyeshadow is not meant to draw focus away from your acne, it's meant to brighten your beautiful brown eyes. This is what beauty products have done for me They make me feel beautiful inside and out. Makeup is a form of expression, and it gives me a way to show the world who I really am."

2. Sidney W, @sidney_wheeler

Courtesy of Sidney W

"Makeup is my favorite form of expression. With makeup I can be whoever I want to be, or look however I want to look. Whether it's a soft everyday look, to a purple matte, anything is possible. At the end of the day, it comes off and you can start again the next day with something completely different, and no one can tell you it's wrong because it's your body and your face."

3. Lucy C, @lu.cranberry

Courtesy of Lucy C

"I see makeup as a way to play around with the fact that you have to accept the face and body that you were given and take some agency over it. I have a few tattoos and piercings as well, but what I like about makeup in particular is how changeable it is — switch your lipstick and you get a completely different aesthetic, so it's something you can really fit to your mood."

4. Elana R, @elanarubin

Courtesy of Elana R

"I've enjoyed drawing and painting ever since I was young, and makeup is simply another art media for me. I get to make art every morning with makeup, with my face as my canvas, and enjoy creating new looks to go with my mood or outfit. I like how makeup can make a look complete: soft, sweet pinks for a feminine dress, to neon eyeliner for an attention-grabbing eye. I also like creating looks that aren't what one would expect: vampy lips with warm chocolate eyeshadow for summer, and rich gold highlight on my cheeks in winter. It's my face, and it's my art, so I'll wear whatever hues and textures I want, no matter the season."

5. Maya A, @Mayaalenaa

Courtesy of Maya A

"Makeup makes me feel alive. Even if it's just a swipe of my fave lipstick or adding a touch of highlighter on my cheekbones, it makes me feel like I can literally do anything. It gives me this special sense of confidence. My makeup always depends on what I have up for the day. I usually go for a natural look on a daily basis with a strong brow, because brows just give me life. But if you see me in red lipstick (which makes me feel like an ultimate boss) I'm ready to slayyy the day!"

6. Bridget F, @bridgetfinnigan

Courtesy of Bridget F

"I started dancing when I was 6 years old and we had to wear makeup for our end of the year recital. At that point, I was annoyed because it was just my mom putting stuff on my face and she kept reapplying lipstick and blush. A few years after I started competitive dancing, I realized the impact makeup had on me. I felt more beautiful and confident in myself and my dancing. As I started to do my own makeup for these competitions, I was wearing brown mascara with a neutral sparkly eyeshadow at least once a week, and I thought I was so cool at school. When I found makeup tutorials on YouTube, my whole world changed. I became absolutely obsessed with makeup and spent my weekly allowance on any new product I could find. When I quit dance at 16, I didn't know what to do with myself because that had been my outlet every single day since I was six. It was in that moment when I realized that makeup was the way to express myself. Like most other high schoolers, I was not confident in myself and I was always comparing myself to others, which I still do to this day. I was focusing on what girls or guys thought about me, but does that really matter in the end? No, I will always come back to makeup for myself and no one else. One of my all time favorite quotes is, 'I may not be perfect, but my makeup is' and I love it. I'm not perfect whatsoever, but you can bet that my makeup always will be!" 

7. Melanie M, @melanielovesmakeup

Courtesy of Melanie M

"I view makeup as an art more than as a cover up method. Going on social media, like Instagram, I see a lot of people who use makeup to enhance their own beauty, but rarely to experiment and express themselves. I encourage people getting into makeup to try different things out. Makeup isn't just about piling on foundation and to conceal, but to venture into the transformative aspects of makeup. It does take time to get to a level where you might be happy with what you create. I've had years of practicing different kinds of products over and over, but it is so worth it. Taking an art class really changed my perspective on makeup and its purpose. It showed me that makeup, just like pencil, pen, charcoal and paint, is a medium for conveying an idea or a feeling. It is so much more complex than evening someone's skin tone. I also just love makeup's ability to build. Blending colors into each other to create something different. I also love the duo tone of makeup — the base tone can be one color, but within the pigment are other colors. For example, the first color to really blow my mind was the blue/brown pigment by MAC. On the surface it is a deep aqua, but when blended out it becomes a reddish brown. It opened me to the possibilities. Nowadays, I love to have some time for myself to just try to mix all kinds of products — whether they are matte, glossy, or glittery. I don't know think I can ever get bored."

Amen sister, amen.


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