Why 'Point Break' Is The Action Movie Of The Future

Every action movie should be this high speed, low drag.

On December 25th, moviegoers will have the chance to not just see, but experience, what will undoubtedly revitalize and transform the action movie genre: "Point Break."

Embracing the surging popularity of extreme sports, "Point Break" will have audiences gripping their armrests as the breakneck action carries them up the sheer face of cliffs, into dizzying thin air, down pristine mountain snow, and into the deafening roar of mountainous waters. 

Think we're kidding? We're not. Here's why "Point Break" is the action movie of the future.


The action is all real-life: no CGI.

The freeclimbing, motocross, snowboarding, surfing, wingsuit, and BASE jumping were all done by real-life extreme athletes or by the actors themselves. 

If you see someone jumping out of a plane or getting pummeled by a wave, it's real

The cinematography is hardcore.

The multiple angles shot in this wingsuit sequence were captured by flying camera operators. No drone or helicopter pilot could ever compete with that.

The stunts go WAY beyond anything that's ever been done on the big screen.

The stakes are insanely high in this kind of work: the waves at Teahupo'o, Tahiti, where the surf scenes were shot, can be deadly. Boards and bodies can be snapped like twigs beneath the thundering breaks. 

It's hard enough getting a scene perfectly right when it's shot under optimal conditions. Now think about the action sequences in this film.

The wingsuit scene alone required 60 takes over two weeks. The athletes and actors were literally putting everything on the line every day for the most intense viewing experience possible.

The movie captures the ethos, focus and audacity of extreme athletes.

What separates "Point Break" from other Hollywood blockbusters is that it blurs the line between stuntwork and extreme sports. 

For the athletes, these "stunts" are part of a way of life that embraces fear and the breathless, boundless freedom that comes with testing the limits of human tenacity and endurance.

The movie is less about the conflict between order and chaos than it is about how you see the world after your personal wave washes over a point break: metaphorically represented here by social norms and expectations. It's about what the world looks like after you've tested your limits, your worldview, your breaking point. 

It's about what happens when you stop being a spectator and start being a participant in life. 

The movie will inspire you to challenge yourself.

Check out the latest trailer below.

The film opens on December 25th in theaters nationwide.

For more behind-the-scenes information on Point Break's incredible action sequences, please check out the official movie site


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