Here's The Incredible Science Behind Why Leaves Change Colors In The Fall

So pretty!

There are plenty of reasons that autumn is the best season of the year and the gorgeous scenery that comes from the changing leaves is a big part of that. 

While many people know that leaves fall off of trees before winter to save on energy, it is less clear why the leaves change colors and appear orange, red, or yellow before dropping to the ground.

Thankfully, science has the answer and Minute Earth is here to explain.

Photosynthesis occurs in the leaves, thanks to a compound called chlorophyll, which also gives leaves their green color. Before the leaves are shed in autumn, their nutrients are sent to the tree for storage over winter. Chlorophyll is broken down during this process, allowing the chemicals that are orange or yellow in color to be seen.

Want to learn more? Check out the full video here:


(Header image: iStockphoto)


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