The Reason Kissing Is So Pleasurable

"I just want your extra time and your ... kiss."

If you think about it long enough (or for half a second), kissing is kinda gross. Swapping spit with someone whose mouth has been god knows where? No thank you. Obviously, we don't let the dirty little details stop us from engaging, but why exactly does kissing feel so pleasurable? 

YouTube channel The School of Life tackles that very question in their latest video. 


The narrator of the video begins by explaining sexual excitement is as much a psychological reaction as it is a physical one. And when it comes to kissing, it seems our minds are the things that really make the experience so wonderful. 

"The excitement of kissing is the result of social codes being breached," says the video's narrator. ".... the huge meaning of kissing is something we've built up by social agreement, and its fundamental definition is 'I accept you, enough to do something potentially quite revolting with you.' " 

Allowing someone access to such a private space is a symbol of trust, and signals a willingness to open up your private self to another — something that can be truly special. 

Of course, studies have shown there are physical reasons why a kiss may feel so good, one being that it sets off certain hormones in the brain, but as the video explains, it's the imagination that really helps elevate the experience to the next level.  

Watch the video below to learn more:


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