People Hilariously Answer The Dreaded 'Why Are You Still Single?' Question

"Because apparently you have to talk to people and go outside in order to date."

While it is nice to have a special someone to spend time with, there's nothing wrong with riding solo. In fact, being single can be really empowering, which is why there is an entire day, February 15, Singles Awareness Day, to celebrate singledom. When you're single, you can put even more focus on your relationship with yourself and your personal growth. You are free to make life-changing decisions that would be really hard to make if you had to consider a partner. 

Even though you can be happy on your own, there are some downsides — namely, always being asked: Why are you single?

It's an awkward question that, strangely, not many people shy away from asking. Sometimes answering it can be a daunting task, especially if you really don't know the answer. Over on Twitter folks are embracing the question with some humor and the hashtag #WhyImSingle (because really, being single does not have to be so serious). 

Check out some hilarious reasons people are single. 


1. Because I move too fast.

2. Because I didn't heed the warning.

3. Because I'm too focused on the details.

4. Because I'm a monster.

5. Because I know my worth.

6. Because they can't reach this level of greatness.

7. Because maintaining my assets is important.

8. Because dating requirements these days are a bit ridiculous.

9. Because of my social life. Ugh!

10. Because of my unconventional lifestyle.

11. Because I chose the best option.

12. Because ... honestly, we'll be here all day.

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