#WhyIMissedYourText Shows The Honest, And Hilarious, Reasons We Don't Respond

"My dog ate my phone."

We've all been guilty of receiving a text and purposefully waiting an extended period of time to respond, or just not responding at all. While the person on the other end might think they've been ghosted, there are plenty of reasons to miss a text. 

Using the #WhyIMissedYourText hashtag, which was recently trending on Twitter, Twitter users are revealing some of the unique, honest, and sometimes hilarious, reasons they never replied. 

Take a look at 17 people's reasons for missing a text. 


1. The person who couldn't see the message.

2. The person whose dog now has their phone.

3. The person who is getting back at you for what you did.

4. The woman who was busy hustling.

5. The Twitter user who had her hands full.

6. The person who genuinely thought they replied.

7. The person who was wrapped up in a bundle of cuteness.

8. The Twitter user who was ticking things off their to-do list.

9. The person who couldn't reply because they have a different number.

10. The person who got distracted.

11. The person who was busy binge-watching.

12. The person who intentionally didn't respond.

13. The Twitter user who had a four-legged companion in need of some love.

14. The person who isn't glued to their phone.

15. The person who was working on other messages.

16. The person who had reached their limit.

17. The person who couldn't have heard it.

Cover Image via Alissa Kumarova / Shutterstock


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