College Kids Are Dancing — But Here's Why This Is News

A+ talks about B+

The students at University of Delaware are being asked a big question:

Why Do You Dance?

At many other colleges, the answer might be, "because I'm drunk," or "because they're playing Journey… and I'm drunk!"


Don't Stop Believing!

But on March 22nd, the students at U of D are planning to dance for 12 hours straight for an incredible cause. The event is called UDance and it's a dance marathon to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. 

According to Julia Denhoff, a co-executive director of UDance and a sister of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, the program raised $2 million in the last two years and $850,000 in the past year alone.

"The donations have benefited The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation which supports medical research for families of critically ill children across the country," Denhoff told A+.

One of the unique aspects of the B+ (Be Positive) program, is that it pairs participating teams with a child who is currently battling cancer or is a cancer survivor. These kids are called heroes

AEPhi has a very special hero named Kate.

Kate is six years old and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a tumor located on her hypothalamus. According to the CaringBridge page her parents created, her tumor is inoperable but the prognosis is positive.

"It's pressing on her optic nerves causing the eye wiggle," the site says.  "But luckily that wiggle allowed us to discover the tumor early."

Many of the UDance heroes will be at the event, giving them a chance to spend time with the participants dancing for their cause.

Matty Siegel, a sophomore at U of D and an AEPhi sorority sister recalls her experience from last year's UDance event.

"The most inspiring part is seeing the heroes get on stage," she told A+. "It's very emotional how everyone comes together to celebrate how much we've raised to find a cure."   

So, yeah, that's not a bad reason to dance. In fact, it's probably the very best reason there is. 


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