Experiencing An Unfamiliar Culture Can Be Really Good For You. Here's How.

In case you need another excuse to travel.

One of the best ways to test your limits, broaden your horizons, and learn more about yourself is to experience situations outside your comfort zone. And sometimes the most uncomfortable thing you can do is travel to a place with unfamiliar cultures, customs, and languages. 

Culture shock, or feeling uneasy about experiencing a different culture, probably sounds like a bad thing at first, as being anxious and confused isn't exactly fun. But once you get past those feelings, you might find you've learned a lot about yourself and others in the process. 

Work the World, an organization that sends students to countries all over the developing world for internships, created an infographic that lays out how culture shock can be beneficial. The infographic also shows how to get past the initial rough patch. 


Check it out below:

(Header image via iStock


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