Whoopi Goldberg And Maya Elisabeth Want Women To Cure Menstrual Pain With Cannabis, But Not In The Way You Think

Time to draw a bath.

If you were looking for a new and different way to cure muscle pain and menstrual discomfort, Maya Elisabeth and Whoopi Goldberg have created a product that could change everything.


Instead of popping multiple pain pills and taking medication that doesn't work, the Whoopi & Maya line of cannabis-based soaks, rubs, powder, and tinctures could be the missing weapon in your arsenal. After all, doesn't a bubble bath sound much better than swallowing one pill after another? And while taking that bath, maybe a few drops of the relax tincture could work wonders in a hot cup of tea.

The soak is infused with essential oils, Epsom salts, and cannabis. But don't go thinking that you're going to take off like the Star Trek Enterprise, though, as soaking in cannabis affects your body in a totally different way. As Elisabeth describes it, the soak will put only your body in a relaxed state and "doesn't alter your mind."

Besides treating menstrual discomfort, the cannabis soaks and rubs can also be used by male and female athletes who need some relief for their daily pain. A cannabis-based soak in the tub could be a perfect way to heal those legs after a long jog in the park, too. If you were looking for a superfood fix, you can also add the savor powder, which is infused with cacao. Your body deserves the best, as does your post-workout smoothie.

You can find out more about Whoopi & Maya's amazing line of products in Elisabeth's super-insightful interview below.

Jason Pollak: You've been involved in the medical cannabis world for some time. How did you get started with that and why is this your passion?

Maya Elisabeth: Well, I chose cannabis and cannabis chose me. I would have to say my relationship with the plant is very deep. 

I love what it does for me and I like providing that experience for others.

The testimonials and "cannabis miracles" get me going.

What are some of the miracles that you have witnessed? Now that cannabis is no longer seen as a drug, but rather as a medicine that has many positive side effects, the perception and value around it has changed.

I like to view it is a healing herb or superfood. Definitely as a medicine.

We have gotten so many testimonials from people who suffered from debilitating migraines their whole life. You know, so bad that they have to turn off the lights and live in the dark.

Then they found out they can apply a topical to their temples and foreheads as they feel it coming on, and they can prevent the migraine. Sometimes it's as simple as a topical.

It really is amazing. Using a topical sounds much better than taking three or four Advil every four hours. Can people use it in areas where medicinal cannabis isn't legal yet?

Yeah and sometimes for migraines, those medicines don't work. You would do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain, but it really can be so simple to solve that.

Unfortunately, people cannot use it if it is not legal in their area yet. We are a California-based company and we are available in dispensaries.

You would have to see a doctor in order to get it.

You were working on some other projects with OM Edibles before this and won many awards. How did you come to meet Whoopi Goldberg and start this company?

OM Edibles is a female collective and we make about 30 different products. We've won Cannabis Cups in many different categories and we went from there.

The whole menstrual line was actually Whoopi's idea. It was a vision she had. She reached out to Rick Cusick, formerly of High Times, who in turn reached out to us.

However, the beautiful thing about cannabis is that it doesn't discriminate. Whether you are a woman or man, cannabis can still bring you relief. It will definitely make you happy, well-rested and will give you some appetite.

Especially if you are suffering from a terminal illness. You need your sleep, and appetite and some mood support.

Yeah, even for people who work a lot, who are wired from drinking coffee all day, it can help them get some rest.

Yeah, Epsom salts are perfect for the working individual. People reach for those types of salts all day. It's tried and true, and has worked for thousands of years.

We all have to work so hard and are bombarded with a lot of negative stimulation, so for that moment, you can soak with minerals infused with cannabis along with aroma therapeutic essential oils. 

Best of all, there are no side effects.

It sounds much better than prescribing someone Xanax. Instead, you can say, "Hey, try taking a bubble bath with cannabis." What about the rest of your line?

That's what I think. Exactly!

The line is everything that a lady wants on her cycle. It's a bath, a rub, medicine, and chocolate. I try to tell my guy friends, "Get this for your girl! There are flowers already in it!"

Basically, you can use any combination or any of these products at any time. It's just about enjoyment, pleasure, relief, and comfort. It allows you to be flexible and do what works best for you.

The chocolate is raw, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. The best of the best. There are six ingredients in it: sea salt, cannabis, coconut oil, agave, cacao butter, and cacao powder. 

Our whole line is free from preservatives and synthetic fragrances. 

It's very cool that it's all natural.

Thank you so much.

Cacao is a total superfood. It is actually the highest magnesium-containing food on the planet. 

Magnesium helps with all menstrual-related discomforts, because it relaxes your muscles. It also helps with depression. The second-fastest way to get a magnesium uptake is actually through an Epsom salt bath, because it is a magnesium-sulfate salt. Those are the two minerals that are in there.

So, yeah, it's really all about the magnesium.

It sounds like a great product for women, but I can also see how it can help with muscle discomfort for people who sit all day, or athletes.

Yeah! The soaps are incredible for athletes. 

In the women's case, the water with the magnesium actually goes inside and relaxes the uterine wall, which is where the cramps are.

To make it even better, chocolate — when it's in the raw form as cacao — is the only food in the world that contains cannabinoids. It also releases all the feel-good neurotransmitters. The same ones that are released when you fall in love. It's mimicking a feeling of euphoria. 

That one is called savor.

So they are literally falling in love with your product.

[Laughs] Yeah, or just fall in love with life or whoever you're eating it with. It literally melts in your mouth.

There's no other medicine like this. The word cacao actually means "food of the gods." The Aztec civilization revolved around it. Early voyagers also wrote about it because they were so impressed that a food so small can keep you sustained for so long. 

That's really the definition of a superfood.

Also, people who are eating chocolate for a similar feeling can eat too much and become nauseous, and it isn't healthy.

Right, they also put sugar in it, which isn't good. When you cook cacao and it's no longer raw, that's when all those positive effects go away.

There's also the tincture and the rub. Both of those are multi-herbal, with herbs that have supported women's health for thousands of years. 

The tincture is called relax, which you can add to tea. It has a warming effect because it has alcohol. 

One of the amazing things is that people associate cannabis with is smoking. I don't think many people associate it with soaking. What is the feeling like?

I believe that medicated baths deserve a category of their own.

For example, if I were to take a topical and apply it my elbow, it would only affect me locally. If I were to ingest an edible, it would effect my entire body, from the inside out. So, this is something totally in between. It doesn't alter your mind and it relaxes your body to a point where you want to go to sleep. 

These soaps are also helpful for people who have insomnia, pain, previous injuries, anxiety, depression or any type of dermatological imbalance. That's because they are antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial. All essential oils and cannabinoids are. 

Between everything, it all lends to a fantastic experience.

It definitely sounds like a great option if you're dealing with discomfort and muscle pain.

Yeah, absolutely.

These are all very versatile. You can also take the tincture and add it to a smoothie. They can help in a lot of different ways. You can also do a hot wax treatment on your belly. They have many uses and they don't need to take the place of whatever you already do.

This has been super fun! Thanks for taking the time.

You, too. Thanks for your amazing insights!


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